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Get Involved

Host a visitor in your home or place of work

(virtually, of course)

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Guests are included in your activities to personally experience life as a local in Kalamazoo. Staying in a home gives visitors a peek into everyday life here. International visitors have enjoyed the farmer’s market, school sporting events, family reunions, museums, nature hikes and more. Responsibilities include providing a bedroom with a bed, breakfast and dinner, bathroom access, and transportation (when bike/walk/public transit is not accessible). Home stay durations vary, (from 3 days to a month).

Home Hosting

Many short term visitors stay in hotels, but weekend or dinner hospitality with local people is often a major highlight of their time in this country. We ask you to host a meal (homemade or otherwise), with casual conversation. (We are VERY open to a broad interpretation of this). This gives visitors a glimpse into an aspect of U.S. culture in a home environment, and gives local people the chance to learn about life in another country. Please consider conducting citizen diplomacy from the comfort of your living room!

Dinner Diplomacy

Meet with your colleagues from around the world! Our distinguished visitors are leaders in their fields, and are in the U.S. to have an exchange of ideas with their professional counterparts.


This valuable networking experience can lead to professional collaboration.


Send us an email to join our Professional Resource list and we will contact you when an International Visitor in your field comes to Kalamazoo

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