Meet the Team

Jodi Michaels

Executive Director

Jodi is the Executive Director at Colleagues, having joined the organization in 2016 following nearly two decades in international development work, with a focus on human rights and social justice. She has organized and led many international exchanges, both to and from North America. Hailing from Canada, Jodi has a degree in Human Biology, with a focus on health in the developing world, from Stanford University. She has visited some 20 countries, both through her work and general interest in cultural immersion and exchange.

Melody Daacon

Program Manager

Melody joined Colleagues International in July 2018. Since beginning work in community development and professional fundraising, Melody has built strong multifaceted relationships surrounding the nonprofit community. She has worked with more than 200 partners, donors, groups, foundations and supporters - to address their most pressing challenges, including strategies for data evaluation, sustainability, program management, board engagement, and grant writing. Melody has an MPH degree and is cofounder of Bike the Zoo. 

Our Board

Thomas Kostrzewa, President

Anna Popkova, Vice President

Michael Mortlock, Treasurer

Nicholas Baxter, Secretary

Michel Baradosa

Judy Huth

Jill Manske

Louise Potratz

Barry Reeser

Daniela Schroeter

Eric Zahrai

Our Committees

Communications and Branding

Social Work and Outbound Exchange Planning

50th Anniversary (2021) Planning

Office and administration