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Our Work


A Kalamazoo-based citizen diplomacy organization, Colleagues International enriches local community with global diversity, one relationship at a time.


Making Kalamazoo a more globally engaged community, in all of its diversity, drawing strength from international exchange, while enriching the professional, cultural and personal lives of local residents and visitors from around the world.



The purpose of Colleagues International is to enhance cultural competence and to promote intercultural and professional exchange between Kalamazoo, West Michigan and the world, by

  • bringing international visitors from abroad to engage with professionals and all community members;

  • enriching local organizations, government and businesses through intercultural professional exchange and fostering intercommunity collaboration;

  • providing international visitors with opportunities to share their cultures with Americans and to learn about the diverse cultural landscape of the United States;

  • creating international opportunities for the residents of West Michigan;

  • increasing the civic engagement of local residents through citizen diplomacy; and

  • contributing to the global engagement of the Kalamazoo community in all of its diversity. 

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