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This must not stand

In this moment of tremendous upheaval in the United States of America, we, Colleagues International, would like to echo an element of the statement we released upon the killing of George Floyd this past May. This deeply divided country, with a very particular history, has a tremendous amount of work to do. From early June:

“We are a civil diplomacy organization, working to create mutual understanding among people from across the world to build a better future for all. We also recognize that it can sometimes feel easier for people to find commonality in difference with people from halfway around the world than from halfway around the block. We must work together to change that. We strive to do our part in challenging and dismantling white supremacy, while advancing toward a future where structural changes are realized - where we can all live dignified lives.”

The actions and events at the U.S. Capitol today make clear how important this work is. Democracy, which gives us some of the tools to do this work, and creates space for people in all walks of life to have a voice, is under attack. This must not stand.

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