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Recent Events

  • Angela Benedicto on the fight to protect child domestic workers in Tanzania
    Thu, Jan 30
    First Congregational Church
    Director of WoteSawa NGO, Tanzania, Angela will share her powerful life story, from child domestic worker to leading advocate to abolish child labor and poverty. She returns to Kalamazoo as an International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) alumna from 2013. This is a free event.
  • Women Leading the Way - Kalamazoo’s Legacy of Exchange, Past and Future
    Tue, Oct 22
    Ladies' Library Association
    Join us at the coolest venue in Kalamazoo as we explore the deep roots of public diplomacy and international exchange, through the prism of women pioneers, and reflect on the current state of citizen diplomacy in Kalamazoo, with a keynote from one of our strongest partners in Washington, DC.
  • Celebrate Exchange in Kalamazoo
    Tue, Jun 11
    Bell's Eccentric Cafe
    Explore ways to enrich local community with global diversity, right here in Kalamazoo, with music by Bahar Ensemble!
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